• Balneotherapy

    A variety of baths with algae, flavors, mineral water and herbs, four – and dual chamber galvanic baths, pearl bath with herbs, hydromassage bath.

  • Hydropathy

    Sector hydropathy offers tangentor for underwater massage, hydro baths with herbs, seaweed, brine, flavors, mineral and sea water, four – and dual chamber galvanic baths, outdoor, indoor and children's pool with mineral water, steam bath and sauna.

  • Mud treatments

    Mud treatment has proved its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect and the procedure stimulates the metabolic body processes. The firth mud is rich of hydrogen sulfide, magnesium, chlorides, calcium, potassium, sodium, iron compounds, hormones and enzymes. In the treatment also are applied partial and whole applications of the body with an average mineralized mud.

  • Electric treatment

    All medical applications of low, medium and the high-frequency currents - iontophoresis, ultrasound, interferential therapy, celutron, bodiformer, magnety therapy, the ultra-high frequency and microwave therapy. GUNA – electrophoresis with collagen, cryophoresis, deep oscillation, laser therapy, oxygen therapy, press therapy.

  • Phytotherapy

    Combination of unique healing Bulgarian herbs, included in the complex individually developed treatment program.

  • Kinesiotherapy

    Sports hall and gym for improvement of the health and physical activity through therapeutic exercises and movements adapted for the concrete needs. There are individual and group medical gymnastics classes, straightening gymnastics for children, kinesiotherapy for treatment of deseases of the musculoskeletal system and deseases of the central and peripheral nervous system.

  • Massages

    Classical massage, a collar massage device, reflex therapy – zone therapy, cellulite massage, aroma – massage, lymph drainage, detoxicating honey massage, medical massage with magnesium oil, shiatsu massage, massage with volcanic stones.

  • Beauty Zone

    We offer cosmetic procedures for face and body, wrapping with herbs and algae, a dry flotation, a SPA–capsule, ultrasonic cavitation.

  • Policlinic

    The Polyclinic provides emergency and specialized medical assistance on the territory of Resort Albena. The emergency assistance cabinet works 24 hours a day. Additionally, there are two rooms available for short-term medical supervision and patients’ treatment.

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    From April throughout the summer season - 24/7

    • April 1st - September 30th

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